Map of Oil Location

Moulin CastelaS Sarl – Castelins Mas de l'Olivier

Harvest: November

Provence, France

CastelineS Mas de L’Olivier develops a fresh nose. The palate is intense with the freshness of green pepper, a note of wild mint and also its typical roundness. It has a slight bitter edge and a peppery prickle on the back of the tongue.   

Suggested Uses:  Its vegetal character is at its best when used with green salads and will stand heat to cook at la plancha, with a wok or a cocotte. It is the olive oil for cooking.       

Cultivar(s):  Salonenque, Petit Ribier, Frantoio and Pendolino         

Location of Orchard:  Plaine de Crau, Provence-France

Designations:  Huile d’olive de France extra virgin olive oil 

Milling:  Low impact hammer mill, cold extraction within 6 hours of harvest, 2 phases separation, no water added, filtration with diatoms.

CastelineS Mas de l’Olivier is produced by our young trees planted in 2008 in the arid soil of la Crau. This oil has a youthful character.