Map of Oil Location

Lucero Picual

Harvest: Fall

Corning, California

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is often milled when very ripe,however, we've chosen to present this olive variety in a green style to capture the tomato leaf aromas and tomato fruit flavors. A versatile oil in the kitchen, you'll see why Picual is one of the best loved oils in Spain.

Suggested Uses:   This oil is great for marinating steak because of its strong flavor.

Crispy Potato Fish Cakes
Fava Bean Soup With Lemon Creme Fraiche & Olive Oil

Cultivar(s):  Picqual

Date of harvest: 11/18/2017

Certification:  Kosher Certified Kof-K

Location of Orchard:  39°59'25.77"N, 122°13'51.74"W        

Milling:  Hammer Mill


  • Gold at NYIOOC 2016
  • Silver at Olive Japan 2016 
  • Gran Prestige Gold at  TerraOlivo 2016