Map of Oil Location

Lucero Five Star Estate Blend

Harvest: Fall

Corning, California

The 2017 Harvest Five Star Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a delicate blend of green aromasand an herbaceous green flavor with ripe tropical notes. It leaves a soft impression on the palate - sweet and fruity with a touch of green.

Suggested Uses:   Best enjoyed with cooked beans, mild soups, and pasta.    


Cultivar(s):  Arbequina, Barnea, Hojiblanca

Date of harvest:
11/22/17 (Arbequina)
12/14/17 (Barnea)
12/4/17 (Hojiblanca)

Certification:  Kosher Certified Kof-K   

Location of Orchard:  39.9277° N, 122.1792° W    

Milling:  Amenduini Hammermill, No Depitter, Six Custom Vertical Malaxers, 3.2 Ton per hour Haus Decanter, 3 Ton Westfalia Polisher, Spadoni Filtration System

Awards:  2015 Harvest Five Star received Prestige Gold at TerraOlivo and Bronze at The California State Fair.