Olive oil’s health benefits explored at Yale School of Public Health symposium
Denise Meyer
Yale School of Public Health
October 10, 2018
"Yale’s Olive Oil and Health symposium drew a deeply invested group to New Haven this month—chefs, growers, importers, scientists, associations of producers, entrepreneurs and business people—to celebrate this amazing fruit juice and begin mapping out a new olive institute at the Yale School of Public Health..."

The US Olive Oil Market: Whats Broken and How We Fix It
School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health Sciences
Yale University
October 3, 2018
Video presentation of Alexandra Devarenne, Co-founder and CEO of the Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA), an international trade association of high quality olive oil producers and experts. Alexandra gives a timely speech on what's wrong in the US olive oil market and how EVA believes we can fix these problems.

Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne (EVA): “Los conceptos ‘aceite de oliva puro’ y ‘extra light’ confunden al consumidor en EE.UU.”
Staff Writer
Revista Almaceite
June 14, 2018
Interview with EVA Co-founder and CEO Alexandra Devarenne

Extra Virgin Alliance: Olive Oil Education and Celebration
Lisa Radinovsky
Greek Liquid Gold
March 2, 2017
On March 23, a free event in Athens organized by the Society of Olive and Olive Oil Products of Certified Quality (EL3P) will focus on "Quality as a Factor in the Economic Value of Olive Products." Alexandra Devarenne, co-founder of the Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA), will be the keynote speaker. She explained the goals of EVA on a recent visit to Greece.

American Olive Oil Expert’s Hints for Greek Producers
Lisa Radinovsky
Greek Liquid Gold
March 1, 2017
American olive oil expert Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne spoke with me on a recent visit to Greece. Suggesting “Greek olive oil hasn’t made the mark it deserves in the US market,” she discussed its status in the USA -- surprisingly “underappreciated” and mostly in an “ethnic niche” – and shared ideas about breaking into the American market.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Complex, Compelling & Commercial
co-authored by Maria Reyes, David Neuman and Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne
TREND magazine
October 1, 2016
From KeHE Distributor’s On Trend magazine comes an article co-authored by Maria Reyes, David Neuman and Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne. KeHE has a strong commitment to olive oil quality and is doing great work to raise the bar in retail selection. Partnering with Extra Virgin Alliance, KeHE sponsored Alexandra to do education at their holiday show’s Olive Oil Pavilion alongside other olive oil experts.

Expertos Internacionales del Aceite de Oliva Conocen el Sector Español
Staff Writer
November 4, 2014
The Extra Virgin Alliance and a group of renowned olive professionals travel to Spain to learn the reality of the Spanish olive oil sector.

Japan 2013 Olive Symposium
Food Industry Magazine
August 1, 2013
Article about Olive Japan 2013 and EVA participation in the Olive Symposium

La Entrevista
Pandora Peñamil Peñafil
Mercacei Magazine
July 1, 2013
Una entrevista a los fundadores que habla de cómo Virgen Extra Alianza llegó a ser y visión de la organización para el futuro.

The Interview
Pandora Peñamil Peñafil
Mercacei Magazine
July 1, 2013
An interview with the founders that talks about how Extra Virgin Alliance came to be and the organization's vision for the future.