Pago Baldíos San Carlos Olive Oils

Our family has been linked to agriculture since the XVII century. Pago de los Baldíos de San Carlos is the legacy of generations, an experience that can be seen in the care of the olives and grapes throughout all the production process. Our property is located in the Valley of Tiétar, in Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. Our olive groves are located in the foothills of Sierra de Gredos, next to the Monastery of Yuste, in the idyllic area of ​​La Vera, natural environment where the Emperor Charles V went to rest overwhelmed by the political, religious and war ups and downs of his troubled reign. This is where he chose to relax of all his immense empire.

Our position, in the middle of the huge extensions of raspberry, oranges and cherry trees, where we get to reach minimum levels of acidity , incomprehensible to laboratory analysts and experts give our products unique fruity aromas and flavors.

The property, of around 90 hectares, has a 90% of production, counting with 28.000 Olive Trees.  

Our philosophy is to pursue, find and maintain the highest quality of our products against a mass production, obtaining, this way, healthy and premium quality products.  We like EVA’s philosophy because it defends internationally the Medium-High quality Olive Oil sector.  

Since the beginning of the Enterprise, 6 years ago, our products have been awarded with the most prestigious international Awards, increasing year after year.  Nowadays, we can count with more than 40 awards (

We export, with a great success, to more than 30 countries all around the world. Our products are in United States, Canada, Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea, all over Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic…), Russia, Mexico, Panama…