We are descendants of generations of olive growers from Oliete, Teruel, who mainly used the oil they produced for their own family consumption, like the majority of families in the region.

We continue the tradition of taking care of our olive grove as a hobby, of which our greatest pleasure comes from being outdoors with all the family, doing hard physical work in much the same way as our grandparents did. The best moment is the harvesting, a moment when we disconnect from the pressure of our professions and modern day life. It is the moment to connect with our roots…..

Víctor, CEO and co-founder of Mis Raices (meaning “My Roots”), tired of working for others on things he was not passionate about, decided to take the step of creating Mis Raices based on a project started by his uncle Carlos (also co-founder of Mis Raices).

They were aware of the precious treasure they had in their hands in the form of an extraordinary oil of a scarce variety of olives and from a region of Spain not very well known commercially despite its long olive history. Along with the rest of the co-founders they decided to use all their professional and academic knowledge to achieve their mission which is:

“Position Mis Raices amongst the best olive oils in the world on an international level”

They decide to do this, bringing the maximum value possible to a nearly forgotten region through collaborations with the best local miller, Javier Sanchez, with small family producers, and with local organizations.   

Our oil comes exclusively from fields in Bajo Aragon, where the origins of olive production can be traced back as far as Roman times. Some of the oldest millenary olive trees in Spain can be found in this region.

Bajo Aragon is one of the most favorable parts of the world for olive cultivation. A combination of climatic conditions and the unique characteristics of the Empeltre olive variety, almost exclusively cultivated in the area, produce an extremely high quality olive oil.

In such landscapes we find the village of Oliete, from the latin Olivatum which means olive grove or land of olive trees; the village which our family descends from. Despite the exceptional quality of the olive oil, the cultivation of olive groves has been steadily declining for many years due to its low profitability. Currently it has been calculated that there are some 100,000 uncultivated olive trees in 

The low profitability can be reversed through hard work and Mis Raices is participating in this work to regenerate and promote the region and allow this hidden treasure to be discovered.

About 15 minutes drive away from Oliete, our largest family olive grove, called Las Albarizas, can be found. The word Albariza is associated with a white colored earth, which is compacted to form rough stones that allow the water from the short but intense rainfall in the region to remain in the subsoil for long periods of time, thus allowing the cultivation of the olive. Albarizas is the name of our company, chosen to honor our land.

The Albarizas (olive grove), from where Mis Raíces Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born is made up of nearly 3 hectares of olive trees. These trees of the Empeltre variety are characterised, amongst other things, by their large size and characteristic vertical branches. The leaves are shiny, and of a dark green colour with a silver underside, crossed by a prominent, green nerve. The olive is of a jet black tone, and of early maturation, from the first week of November until the first week of December.

This fantastic coupage has a yellow color with nuances of gold and lets us obtain an oil with a medium fruity taste. Furthermore, the nose recalls a medium fruity intensity where we may enjoy hints of fresh grass as well as tomato and artichoke aromas, with a final touch of fennel which is characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

At mouth level it flows, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are highlighted by its equilibrium and intensity. Those three attributes are accompanied by a slight astringent sensation, and delicious flavors of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, both very characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

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