Gaea Olive Oils

For 20 years GAEA has been bringing the highest quality natural, healthy and delicious Greek speciality food to the international market. GAEA combines product excellence with a company culture of social  responsibility, environmental sustainability and innovation that respects tradition. The GAEA pledge is to sell the highest quality natural and organic products. To satisfy and delight our customers. To care about our community and our environment. To support team member happiness. To create wealth through profits and growth, sustainably. To create ongoing partnerships. To innovate in pursuit of excellence. To promote consumer wellness through healthy eating.

GAEA has travelled all over Greece selecting producers and products of exceptional quality and distinct characteristics from the country’s most celebrated olive oil producing regions. We have formed the first joint venture between a private company and an agricultural cooperative. Through the implementation of a profit-sharing plan, this venture had encouraged farmers to stay in the fields and produce top-quality products.

We have dedicated a percentage of our proceeds from our olive oil sales to ensure that this example of the island’s industrial history is properly maintained. 

GAEA products are Non-GMO project verified.

GAEA olive oils have minimized their negative impact on the environment and have become the first Extra Virgin olive oils in the world certified as Carbon Neutral.

GAEA products are characterized by their uniqueness, all natural ingredients, and healthy attributes, making them a perfect choice for healthy snacking.

With people around the world becoming ever more cautious and conscious about what they eat, GAEA offers a great choice of all natural, totally preservative free, and stands proudly by its commitment to provide and promote a healthy, nutritional and natural selection of products to consumers around the world.