Domenica Fiore Olive Oils

Born in Orvieto to a family that has lived here for over 500 years, Cesare Bianchini has a love for food and flavor that was nourished by his family restaurant, which has been serving Orvietani for 150 years. A renowned specialist in Italian antiques, Cesare brings his singular knowledge of the land’s culture and heritage to his passion and care for the trees and the oil they give us.

With more than 12 years of experience in producing extra virgin olive oils in the region, once a pastime and hobby, Cesare has seen his passion has grown into a professional responsibility, overseeing all the farming and olive oil production for Domenica Fiore—from the careful cultivation to harvest to milling and bottling.

Surrounded by the incredible beauty of Umbria, il cuore verde dell’Italia, the Domenica Fiore Estate looks out over the ancient city-state of Orvieto, which first flourished as an Etruscan settlement. This small city of great antiquity has an impressive heritage of wealth and importance and was a papal seat during the Middle Ages.

Nestled between the mist-covered Apennine Mountains and the gently flowing Paglia River, 100 miles from the sea, there is mystery to this land. Embedded in its soil and mystical caves are seashells. These shells are more than a surprise left for us over 5 million years ago. They are a gift to our olive trees, creating a distinctive soil rich in minerals and prehistoric nutrients—perfect for sustaining and enriching our exquisite olive oil varieties.