On the Road

What in the World of Olive Oil: EVA on the Road

Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne
May 25, 2020

From its very start, Extra Virgin Alliance has been focused on great extra virgin olive oil in the global context, beginning with the recognition that dedicated, quality producers exist all around the world, and that they share the same passion and many of the same challenges. We are also seeing that the discerning consumers of quality extra virgin olive oil share this passion, from the Pacific to the Atlantic, from Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. EVA's Facebook page has been our primary forum thus far, but now as part of our new website we have a place to post longer essays and articles: the Reading Room. This contains both the EVA Media Archive, and the new blog page. We will start with the upcoming Slow Food event in Turin, Italy.  

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2016 has a theme of Loving the Earth. Slow Food's commitment to diversity and the richness of our global cuisine has created an incredible community that will gather all over the city of Turin, promising an illuminating, exciting and delicious experience. We will be roving the streets, particularly focusing on the world of olive oil, but also delving into other facets of what promises to be an astonishing event. More soon!