About Us

Extra Virgin Alliance (EVA) is a trade association representing producers of genuine extra virgin olive oil from around the world. EVA’s approach is straightforward. Restore trust in the marketplace by providing an assurance to the buyer through product testing and supply chain education, and provide consumer assurance through the EVA Mark of Quality and Authenticity.

EVA’s voting membership is open to extra virgin olive oil producers of all sizes and from all countries that are willing to meet the EVA requirements as stated in the EVA Code of Practice. EVA is a corporation based in the United States. EVA’s current membership comes from six continents and 14 countries. EVA welcomes into its associate member ranks: consumers, academics, media, industry, policy makers and merchants.

EVA CEO Alexandra Kicenik Devarenne
The EVA Mark of Quality and Authenticity

A key element of the EVA assurance of quality is a “Best Before” date (BBD) based on technical data, and the pledge of member producers to stand behind the quality of their product until that date.

Member producers will have the right to use the EVA mark on their EVA-compliant products in the marketplace. The EVA Mark of Quality and Authenticity bears a web address GETGOODOIL.ORG that leads consumers directly to the EVA Oils list. This list of qualifying oils is a rich resource for consumers, a place to learn about each one of the oils and the people who make it. EVA believes that the link between the producer and the consumer is crucial to building trust, value and a lasting appreciation of this wonderful food.

EVA Code of Practice

EVA producers are assessed for their ability to abide by a code of practice. They agree to:
•  Demonstrate honesty and competence in business.
•  Reward quality if they buy olives from growers or oil from other producers.
•  Correctly and truthfully label all their olive oil products, not just their EVA extra virgin olive oils.
•  Prioritize and implement sustainable practices in agriculture, processing, and other aspects of member’s business.

This includes:
•  Stating the origin of the olives in which the oils were made.
•  Respect and support the unique diversity of all high quality olive oils, wherever they are from.
•  Report the volume of products carrying the EVA mark. This can be randomly audited.
•  Maintain modern and accepted traceability and food safety practices.
•  Throughout the production and marketing of their olive oil, EVA members will support environmental and social sustainability.