Map of Oil Location

Pago Baldíos San Carlos – Arbequina

Harvest: October

Extremadura, Spain

Aroma  / Flavor:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 % Arbequina olives. It has an intense fruity aroma, sweet in the mouth with delightful, delicate touch of bitterness and pepper at the end, where you can taste the notes of mature fruit: green apple and almond and freshly cut grass. Available in two sizes: 500ml or 250ml

Suggested Uses:  It is ideal for seasoning salads, grilled fish and desserts.     

Culivar(s):  Traditional

Location of Orchard:  Majadas del Tiétar, Cáceres, Extremadura   

Designations:  Certified Organic, DOP, etc. 

Milling:  First Harvest.  Cold Extraction.  Non filtered.