Map of Oil Location

Pago Baldíos San Carlos – Full Moon

Harvest: October

Extremadura, Spain

Aroma / Flavor:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Arbequina variety. Collected during the week of October’s full moon, it benefits from the natural influence of the moon, which accentuates the intense aroma, fruity flavor with tones of fresh grass, bananna and strawberry resulting in a bitter and peppery touch. With Full Moon Olive Oil you are not only giving a unique and exclusive present, but, according to mythology, eternal love, good health and good luck. Available in two sizes: 500ml or 200ml

Suggested Uses:  It is ideal for seasoning salads, grilled fish and desserts.        

Culivar(s):  Traditional

Location of Orchard:  Majadas del Tiétar, Cáceres, Extremadura   

Designations:  Certified Organic, DOP, etc. 

Milling:  Continuous cycle. Cold Extraction.  Non filtered. 

Pago Baldíos San Carlos olive grove enjoys a unique microclimate which allows us to harvest 15 days before the usual date. The Olive Oil is very concentrated and has an outstanding fruity flavour. We press within one hour of harvesting, this way the oils have low acidity and peroxide levels, making them mild but with a strong personality and aromatic.