Map of Oil Location

Masía el Altet – High End

Harvest: Mid November

Alcoy-Alicante, Spain

 A true explosion of spring vegetables; lettuce, freshly-cut alfalfa, tomato plant, tomato, artichoke, green beans, tender green almonds, the almond’s incipient fruit, peach and apricot at the moment their colour starts to lighten, wheat and green barley, herbs, acorns, kiwifruit, lychee fruit, strawberry, medlar and other spontaneous, secondary nuances.

Suggested Uses:  Toasted bread. Pasta. Meat. Salmorejo.    

Cultivar(s):  Single Variety 100% Picual.  Intensive cultivar.        

Location of Orchard / Source of Fruit:  Alcoy–Alicante   

Milling:  Two phases