Map of Oil Location

Lucero Taggiasca

Harvest: Fall

Corning, California

Steep hillsides in Liguria typically mean late harvests for Taggiasca olives, however we offer an early to mid-season version to capture spice and artichoke aromas and to tease out a bit of nutty ripe and faintly floral notes.

Suggested Uses:   Best enjoyed with strong flavored foods.

Taggiasca and Honey Ginger Mesclun Salad
Quick &  Easy Taggiasca Teriyaki

Cultivar(s):  Taggiasca

Date of harvest: 11/28/2017

Certification:  Kosher Certified Kof-K

Location of Orchard:  39°59'25.77"N, 122°13'51.74"W   

Milling:  Hammer Mill