Map of Oil Location

Castillo de Canena Early Royal

Harvest: Mid November

Finca Conde de Guadiana, Spain

Deep green olive oil with fresh and intense fruitiness. Touches of green tomato and artichoke come out in the nose. In the palate it is balanced, round and shows a smooth entry, in perfect harmony with herbal flavors and green banana. It presents an elegant bitterness that quickly goes away and an interesting and moderate itching of white pepper from the throat to the tip of the tongue.

Suggested Uses:  Grilled veggies, tomato sauce, fish such as salmon, codfish and meat such as chicken and rabbit. 

Cultivar(s):  Royal 

The ‘Royal’ varietal is an ancient variety native to Jaén, Andalucía. Its crop has suffered a strong decline since the end of the 19th century and was on the brink of extinction due to the difficulties in harvesting and its low yield leading many to abandon it. Only a few Royal oils were harvested, all of which were exclusively reserved as soon as the olives ripened. We have rescued the Royal from a small enclave in the mountains and have planted them in our estate, taking every care of the Royal olive trees and we are now able to present our new oil. Early Royal is taken early harvest, when it is most difficult to crop, but when the olives have the most flavour and aroma. That is why the name of our oil is EARLY ROYAL, our first XXI Century Oil. 

Location of Orchard:  Finca Conde de Guadiana

Milling:  Hammer mill with controlled speed