Map of Oil Location

Acushla Olive Oil

Harvest: October/November

Vila Flor, Portugal

A  medium  fruity  balanced  olive  oil  with  notes  of  green  olive  leaf,  grass,  gorse and  green  almond  hull, with  a  slight  pungent  and  peppery  finish.

Suggested Uses:   Ideally  suited  for  all  applications  that  require  an  aromatic,  medium-intensity extra  virgin  olive  oil.  It  is  thus  excellent  for  dressing  salads,  finishing  meats,  fish  (except of  delicate  taste,  eg.  flounder  and  sole),  soups  or  just  drizzle  it  over  a  slice  of  bread  and simply  enjoy  its  full  flavour.

Cultivar(s):  Cobrançosa, Madural, Verdeal

Certification:  PDO Trás-os-Montes

Location of Orchard / Source of Fruit:  Quinta do Prado 5360-080 Lodões Vila Flor, Portugal

Designations:  Certified  Organic  /  PDO  Organic

At Quinta do Prado the harvest of the olives is performed taking in consideration the different varieties of olives. 

The harvest begins on the 15th of October and ends on the 15th of November. After the mechanical harvest at 12am, the process of transformation immediately begins, by cleaning the olives of stems and leaves. Washing with water is only used in extreme cases of need. A new unloading of olives takes place at 5pm.

In a continuous process, the olives are crushed in a hammer mill (Listelos), and go through horizontal mixers in which the paste is mixed for about 30 minutes with temperatures below 25º (considered cold extraction). In the next stage, the olives are taken to the Decanter Westefalia, later following for a vertical centrifuge, also Westefalia. 

Once the olive oil is centrifuged, it is transferred to conical vats of fast decantation, for a period of 12 hours. In the final stage the olive oil goes through filters of cellulosic plates and is deposited in stainless steel vats to be packed.